Thursday, August 30, 2012

A letter to my friend and sister..........

Kristin what happened ! 
two months and it feels like we have always been friends. I want you to know that its not easy to find a sister and a friend in one, its also not easy to find a boss that I actually love being around. It helps that your practically a cartoon. ;) 

Now you may be thinking why in the world would I put this as my blog post, well I didn't have any yet and I thought why not tell my awesome sister how much I am going to miss her out in front of everyone. Kristin (clearing throat) though I may be leaving this is not the end of a great summer but merely the beginning of a new chapter. What's in the chapter you may ask....... lots of crazy awesome wonderful and dangerous adventures, I get to tell you the amazing tapestry that God is unfolding in my life in Washington and you get to tell me how God began the new phase of your life.
Now I am going to write you a letter, have fun !

 God has something so beyond your wildest expectation. He is always calling you to take a step of faith into the unknown to explore something new, to allow Him to finish the story in your life. Now at times its messy, uncomfortable, scary, impossible (to you), and utterly unknown. Sister I want you to remember that He is the author of your life and He has this amazing story to narrate about how you make it through and all the victories you won and even the ones you lose but those loses only cause the greatest victory in the end because it shapes the character to have a warriors heart and that's you, a warrior, but He needs His main character first. When you keep stepping in the lines of His words and start to agree with His plan for you, that's when you step out of the mundane and into the extraordinary. Everyday hurricane winds will throw resistances into your path and there meant to get you to quit your journey, to back down, to step aside, but you have to keep reminding yourself that winds are only passing through and every broken place in you, is God setting the stage for a glories Resurrection. To lift the damage out of your soul to make a way for your spirit to live and still the raging winds that threaten to destroy the way we get there, by hope.  Wind and circumstances are all trying to stop you from you from achieving and winning the prize, now listen to that very carefully..... if something is pushing against you, stopping you, then there must be something in you and about you that God made that they don't want you to have. You have something you already won just agree with God !

The only thing that stops us from believing God is us. The resistances becomes great when we help it by agreeing with it, when the enemy tells us that its too late, too far gone, too different, or broken look up and realize that if God isn't saying that then simply keep charging through the storm and eventually it will break because God is for you and not against you ! 

The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold youpeace and remain at rest." 

Well now I know that was deep but its for you to go back to when you forget how amazing you are, you are a sparkly gem in the lords hand and no one can snatch you from Him. 

Some verses for you: 

Psalms 139 
Hebrews 12 
Exodus 14:14 ( you don't have to strive for a win no matter what it may look like, you keep trusting God because there is more power in trusting Him than trying to win for Him. Resting feels like doing nothing at times but it really does work :)

Kristin you are my kindred spirit :) 
My partner in crime ( picking locks and breaking doors) 
My coffee writer friend

I can't wait to plan a trip back down here to come see you stay true, keep pressing and fighting even when your knees give way and your hands hang low, Go further ! 

I love you !!! 

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